Hansen Garments TRYGVE | Wide Cut Cropped Trousers | amadeus

Hansen Garments TRYGVE | Wide Cut Cropped Trousers | amadeus


Wide Cut Cropped Trousers | Amadeus

TRYGVE 22-30-9 | Winter Collection

TRYGVE is a pair of loosely fitted, slightly tapered and slightly cropped, trousers. It comes with two slanted front pockets and two patched on back pockets. The side seams are slightly twisted, providing an organic shape from the knee down.

This bold fabric is definitely one of the seasons highlights. Chenille is the French word for caterpillar whose fuzzy fur the yarn is supposed to resemble. The original technique involved weaving a “leno” fabric and then cutting the fabric into strips to make the chenille yarn. Leno, also called a cross-weave, is a weave in which two warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns to provide a strong fabric. The result is a very soft, fuzzy fabric.

75% Cotton 17% Viscosis 8% Polyester
Loose fit
Slightly cropped and tapered
Extravagant dinner suit
Fuzzy fabric
Origin: Italy
Made in Europe