Hansen Garments KEN | Wide Cut Trousers | blackish

Hansen Garments KEN | Wide Cut Trousers | blackish


Wide Cut Trousers | Blackish

KEN 22-28-2 | Winter Collection

KEN is a wide cut trouser with a fitted top block and a relaxed silhouette. It has two paspel back pockets, slanted front pockets and topstitching throughout. It can be worn separately or as part of our well-known casual looking three-piece suits.

The 100% cotton fabric is yarn dyed, recycled and brushed. The yarns contain 30% recycled cotton fibres and comes with a brushed finish on both sides making it really soft and comfy to wear. The warp and weft are switching between grey and black coloured yarns creating a nice uneven monochrome dark grey scaled small pattern.

100% Cotton
Wide cut
Relaxed silhouette
30% recycled cotton
Brushed finish
Origin: Italy
Made in Europe