Hansen Corduroy Trousers KEN | Camel

Hansen Corduroy Trousers KEN | Camel

Wide Cut Cord Pants
Made in Italy
Made in Europe
Soft Quality
Wearable all year around

KEN is a wide cut trouser with a fitted top block and a relaxed silhouette. It has two paspel back pockets, slanted front pockets and topstitching throughout. It can be worn separately or as part of our well-known casual looking three-piece suits.

This classic and iconic Italian cotton corduroy comes in two different ‘Wale’ sizes. Corduroy is generally measured by what is referred to as the ‘Wale’ of the cord, which is the number of ridges found in the item per inch. The lower the wale number, the thicker the wales will be. In this case the wale number is the lowest on the camel coloured corduroy. In other words; the camel coloured fabric has wider stripes than the black fabric.

98% Cotton 2% Elasthane
Wide cut
Relaxed silhouette
Made in Europe