Hansen Garments BOBBY | Wide Pleated Trousers | raven

Hansen Garments BOBBY | Wide Pleated Trousers | raven


Wide Pleated Trousers | Raven

BOBBY 25-96-2 | Summer Collection

BOBBY is a very wide cut pair of trousers. Details include single pleat fronts, welted back pockets, button fly, fold-up cuffs and a twisted sideseam for a more organic shape.

A solid black Batavia twill from Italy with a flat clean and slightly shiny surface. Batavia is referring to the construction of the fabric. The yarn ratio in this case is 2/2: the article is therefore more compact due to a higher number of yarns. Quality wise it is generally better than a twill or a drill if using the same yarn count.

100% Cotton
Batavia twill
Super wide fit
Single pleat fronts
Welted back pockets
Button fly
Fold-up cuffs
Twisted sideseam
Origin: Italy
Made in Europe